Torch Series

Torch Series Laser Welding System

The Torch Series Laser Welding System offers a large working area with a single door for multiple focus head configurations, as well as any tooling equipment required in a production. It is designed and manufactured by IDI for spot or seam welding. The torch has a very high production output made possible with high speed X-Y and duo-head servos. IDI offers the most complete solution for a variety of demanding applications, with turnkey and customized workstations underpinned by a team of experienced laser and systems applications engineers to provide innovative welding solutions.

Technical Parameters
Ease of Use.

We offer built-in flexible customization to specific requirements with regard to cabinet frame sizes, software, motion control options, vision, tooling, process monitoring, and control accessories. All aspects including software are covered to ensure a guaranteed user-friendly interface and workstation.

Flexible and Versatile.

The Torch Series Laser Welding system provides a flexible, low cost, lean-manufacturing-ready Class I environment for precision laser spot and seam welding of medical, automotive, electronic, and aerospace components as well as a broad range of other industrial applications.

VGreat Value.

IDI strives to provide you with the best service and the most suitable welding machine that meet your needs. IDI’s complete warranty that covers all parts on the system with the highest quality components for less maintenance and replacement lost over time, and the latest laser technology for the highest quality, fastest welding available.

Output Power 30 W,50 W,120 W
Wavelength (nm) 1064
Average Power > 30W, 50W, 120W
Absolute Max Power 30W (@20Hz),50W (@20Hz),120 (@20Hz)
Max Peak Power > 4kW (@1msec),> 6kW (@1msec),> 3.7kW (@1msec)
Max Pulse Energy > 50J (@15msec), > 80J (@15msec), > 100J (@15msec)
Pulse Width 0.2~20 msec
Cooling Water
Pulse Frequency (kHz) 1~20 kHz
Operating Voltage, DC 220 VAC, 50~60 Hz
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