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Established in 2015, LeiShen Intelligent Systems, better known as LS LiDAR, is a producer of high-quality, cost-effective LiDAR components and solutions. As one of the leading providers of LiDAR solutions, LS LiDAR offers reliable, high-quality products to suit a variety of applications.

LS LiDAR’s extensive range of sensors, scanners, and components see use in autonomous vehicles, robotics, and a variety of other industries, and are designed to be able to suit any and all scanning needs you may have.

Our Range of LS LiDAR Products

Fast-Scanning LiDAR System

LS LiDAR’s series of fast scanning and cost-efficient LiDAR sensor packages include the HS Series. A cutting-edge, 905nm fast-scanning LiDAR system, the HS series offers high reliability, high stability, and usability in a variety of applications, including autonomous vehicles.

Spec Sheet
Wavelength 905nm
Laser Class Class 1 (IEC-60825)
Channels 1
Detection Method TOF
Detection Range 100m
Range Accuracy


Horizontal FOV


Horizontal Angular Resolution

40 Hz: 0.09° / 80 Hz: 0.18° /120 Hz: 0.27° / 160 Hz: 0.36° / 200Hz: 0.45°

FPS 40Hz/ 80Hz/ 120Hz/ 160Hz/ 200Hz
Data Point Generation Rate (Points/s) 53,000
Communication Interface Industrial Ethernet
Input Voltage 9V~36V DC
IP Grade IP67
Operating Temperature


Vibration Test 5HZ-2000HZ, 3G RMS
Shock Test

500m/sec²,Lasting for 11ms

Weight 1600g
Dimensions (LxWxH) 155 x 107.5 x 90 mm