Laser Tray Marking Machine

Laser Tray Marking System

IDI Laser Services’ semiconductor IC tray marking machine is a specialized laser marking system that is designed to mark or engrave permanent identification information on the surface of semiconductor IC trays. These trays are commonly used in the semiconductor industry for storing and transporting integrated circuits (ICs) during the manufacturing process.

The semiconductor IC tray marking machine utilizes a high-powered laser beam to etch or engrave permanent markings on the surface of the tray. These markings can include information such as the manufacturer’s logo, part number, date code, and other identification information.

Technical Parameters

IDI Laser’s Tray Marking system is a fully automatic solution that is capable of handling substrates in a variety of sizes, which are used for semiconductor production in many cases.

Our machine is equipped with a fully customisable, high-quality laser source, such as a fiber or CO2 laser, which is capable of generating high-precision markings on a variety of materials, including plastic and metal. The machine is also designed to operate at high speeds and with high accuracy, allowing for efficient and precise marking of semiconductor IC trays.

The machine is controlled by a computerized system, which allows for the programming of complex marking patterns, logos, barcodes, and other identification information. This information can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the semiconductor industry, including regulatory compliance, traceability, and product branding.

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