3D Metal Printer

The Key Features

Various Materials: Stainless steel, tool steel, cobalt chrome,  aluminium*, nickel-based alloys, titanium*,precious metals.

Free Scalability: Choose the building platform that  best suits your needs from 60 mm  up to 100 mm diameter.

Personalized customization : Can Satisfy the needs of research institutes, medical institutions, universities and industrial enterprises.

Technical Parameters
Building Platform 120 mm x 120  x 110 mm
Powder Reservior 150 mm x 120 mm x 120 mm
Building Rate Approximately 5-20 cm 3/h
Gas Connection Argon/Nitrogen
Process Monitoring Oxygen Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Gas flow rate
  • During the process a constant gas flow guarantees a high quality printing process.
  • Equipped with a recirculating filtration/purification system Consumption Approx. 4l/h in process mode.
Dust Particle Removal
Keep Optic Cleaning
Cools Melting Pool
Increases Density
Yb: Fiber Laser Optics
Power 500 W max. @ 1070 nm
Beam Diameter 40 µm (up to 300 µm Þ Beam Expander)
Scanning System
  • High precision dynamic focusing and laser galvanometer scanning system
  • Three-axis scanning galvanometer with mark speed up to 5.000 mm/s
80 % to 90 % of all world-wide printed AM parts fit in the building platform of the 3D Metal Printer
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