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LiDAR Solutions and Modules

Epic LiDAR is a leading provider of digital technology solutions, specialising in 3D laser scanning.

With over 10 years of expertise working with LiDAR sensors and components, Epic offers rapid spatial digitisation solutions for industries including BIM, smart grid, smart mining, and more. Their cutting-edge technology enhances efficiency, precision, and drives digital transformation across professional fields.

Our Range of EPiC LiDAR Products

Terrestrial 3d LIDAR Scanner
The EasyScan T10 is EPiC LiDAR’s next-generation terrestrial 3D Laser scanner. The overall design of the system is ultra-light and compact, with a unique built-in sensor integration design that ensures the rapid and effective acquisition of high-precision true color point clouds under different application scenarios. The T10 is at the forefront of terrestrial 3D laser scanner technology and can be widely used in the fields of BIM, underground, digital plant, industry survey, mining survey, tank calibration, infrastructure management, and others.
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Airborne LiDAR System

This airborne LiDAR solution integrates a variety of sensors, such as LiDAR, GNSS, high-precision IMU, and an aerial metric camera. A highly modular and compact system, it can be disassembled into 4 different independent modes of fully aerial survey (LiDAR+camera), SLAM, airborne LiDAR, and airborne camera. This allows a single device to offer a comprehensive set of soultions for any need.

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EasyScan w30
Airborne LiDAR system

The new-generation airborne LiDAR system EasyScan W30 integrates various sensors such as LiDAR, GNSS, high-precision IMU, and professional aerial survey cameras. The ultimate integrated design concept, the W30 enables easy loading and unloading, efficient control, and intelligent solutions. It brings customers a simple aerial survey experience with fully detailed 3D terrain data. It can be widely used in smart grid, topographic survey, emergency rescue, smart mining, water conservancy and hydrology, nature resource, and real 3D.

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EasyScan M10
Airborne LiDAR system

The 3D SLAM EasyScan M10 is EPiC LiDAR’s entry into the SLAM market, with a 360° rotating scanning mode and unique 3D SLAM algorithm technology, it can acquire high-precision and high-density 3D color point cloud in the adjacent space quickly and easily in the environment without GNSS.

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