Fusion Maker

Epilog Fusion Maker


The Fusion Maker by Epilog Laser is Epilog’s newest entry-level CO2 laser engraving, cutting, and marking system, combining hobbyist-level pricing with industrial-level engineering.

Fusion MAKER 12
Fusion MAKER 24
Fusion MAKER 36
Work Area 24″ x 12″
(610 x 305 mm)
24″ x 24″
(610 x 610 mm)
36″ x 24″
(915 x 610 mm)
Material Thickness 7″ (178 mm) 10″ (254 mm) 10″ (254 mm)
Laser Tube Type Air-cooled, metal/ceramic Waveguide tube, 10.6 micrometers. User replaceable. Air-cooled, metal/ceramic Waveguide tube, 10.6 micrometers. User replaceable. Air-cooled, metal/ceramic Waveguide tube, 10.6 micrometers. User replaceable.
Laser Tube Wattages CO2: 30 or 40 watts CO2: 40 watts CO2: 40 or 50 watts
IRIS™ Cameras 1 overhead 2 overhead 2 overhead

Benefits of Epilog’s Fusion Maker Laser System

The Fusion Edge laser engraving and cutting machines from Epilog Laser combine our top-of-the-line technology and our latest features into an entry-level CO2 marking and engraving system. The system combines hobbyist-level prices with industrial-level engineering, producing solid results on a variety of materials including wood, acrylic, textiles, paper, plastic, and much more.

The Fusion Maker Laser may be a starter, but right out of the box you’ll be experiencing professional-level results.

iris Camera
IRIS™ Camera Positioning

An overhead camera system provides a real-time picture of the working area for accurate artwork placement. Drag and drop your artwork on screen for the fastest work processing.

Touch Screen
Touch Screen at the Laser

Select between jobs, auto focus the laser, and rerun jobs at the touch of a button from the easy-to-use touch screen interface right at the laser.

Made in USA
Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

Proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in our Golden, CO headquarters at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

Network Your Laser Across Your Business

The Fusion Edge features built-in Ethernet, USB, and Wireless options for networking your laser.

Safe Guard

Keep the mechanics of your laser machine cleaner than ever before with side enclosures, a fully covered x-axis assembly, and covered lens assembly

Air assist
Air Assist

The air assist directs air right at the cutting surface to remove heat and combustible gases from the point of laser contact, providing a cleaner cut.


Radiance™ Beam Enhancing Optics

No additional, expensive lens package needed for the highest resolution engraving across the entire table.

CO2 Waveguide Laser Tubes by Epilog

Metal/ceramic tube design provides higher beam quality and longer life with low recharge costs.

1 GB Memory in the Machine

Improve job management and data integrity with 1GB of RAM. Save your most run jobs right at the laser.

Long-Life Steel Bearing

A dual block design provides the most rigidity and reduced vibration without the inevitable wobble and replacement of plastic bearings.


Fusion Maker 12
Work Area 24” x 12”
(610 x 305 mm)
Maximum Z-Depth 7” (178 mm)
Laser Tube Wattage CO2 – 30 or 40 watt

  • air-cooled, metal/ceramic tube, 10.6 micrometers
Software Epilog Laser Software Suite: Laser Dashboard™ & Epilog Job Manager™
Memory Multiple files, up to 1 GB total. Engrave any file size.
Operating Modes Optimized Raster, Vector, and Combined modes
Motion Speed High-speed stepper motors
X-Axis Bearings Ground & polished stainless steel, Teflon-coated, self-lubricating bearings. Dual blocks on X-axis for greater rigidity
Belts Advanced B-style double-wide Kevlar precision drive belts.
Size (W x D x H) 39.5” x 26.5” x 17.9″
1003 x 673 x 455 mm
Weight 138 lbs (63 kg)
110 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz, single phase
Ventilation 350-400 CFM (595-680 m3/hr) external exhaust to outside or internal filtration unit required. One output port, 4″ (102 mm) diameter
Rim-Style Rotary Attachment

The Rim-Style rotary attachment adds the ability to engrave bottles, glasses, flashlights, or any other cylindrical item. The Fusion Edge rotary attachment is as easy to set up as placing your product on the rotary, raising or lowering the scissor lift to level the engraving area, and printing to the laser.

PhotoLaser Plus Software

PhotoLaser Plus takes photo engraving with your Epilog Zing Starter Series laser to the next level by easily processing photos for engraving on all types of materials.

Are you looking for a system that engraves outstanding photographs? How about a system that engraves photos in a consistent, predictable way for your customers?

Epilog Laser has partnered with CADLink to bring you the industry’s best photo processing software: PhotoLaser Plus. The easy-to-use software interface and powerful photo processing tools allow you to create the highest-quality photo engravings in the industry.

3-Jaw Chuck Rotary Attachment (Coming Soon)

With the 3-Jaw Chuck rotary, objects are clamped into the device’s 3-jaw chuck, allowing you to rotate cylindrical or oddly-shaped items in applications that demand more precise alignment.

Air Assist Pump

Blows a constant stream of air on the cutting area. Epilog’s optional Air Assist Pump is available to work with the included Air Assist features of the laser systems. Direct a constant stream of air to your cutting surface to remove heat and combustible gases from the work area.

This high-quality air compressor unit feeds 30 psi of air through the Air Assist structure, giving you the best cutting results available. The rubber vibration-dampening feet reduce the noise level of the compressor, and connection is a breeze with our quick-connect inlet and outlet ports on the compressor and the laser system.

Fusion Stand
Fusion Edge 12 Stand (Coming Soon)

An easy-to-use stand for moving your laser around your workspace, this wheeled cart is specially designed for the Fusion Edge 12 laser machine. It provides you greater versatility within your work environment and the ability to easily transport your machine to different locations.

Note: The Fusion Edge 24 is a standalone machine with a built-in pedestal.

Additional Fusion Edge Lens Options (Coming Soon)

In addition to the 2.0″ lens, we offer special lenses for specific applications.

1.5″ Lens: Highest-Resolution Engraving (Coming Soon)

Although the standard 2.0 inch lens provides amazing detail, our 1.5-inch lens assembly is designed for the highest-resolution engraving and etching of extremely small fonts.

4.0″ Lens: Cutting Thicker Materials and Inside Deep Areas (Coming Soon)

The 4.0 inch lens produces a focused beam over a longer vertical distance, which makes it ideal when engraving within a recessed area of a product, such as inside a bowl or plate. The lens is also used for cutting through very thick materials.

Engrave Cut
Wood x x
Acrylic x x
Fabric x x
Glass x
Coated Metals x
Ceramic x
Delrin x x
Cloth x x
Leather x x
Marble x
Matte Board x x
Melamine x x
Mother of Pearl x x
Paper x x
Mylar x x
Pressboard x x
Rubber x x
Wood Veneer x x
Fiberglass x x
Painted Metals x
Tile x
Plastic x x
Cork x x
Corian x x
Anodized Aluminum x
Stainless Steel *
Brass *
Titanium *
Bare Metals *
* CO2 lasers will mark bare metals when coated with a metal marking solution. For more information, visit our laser metal marking page.

Acrylic Jewelry Tree

Mirrored Acrylic Frame

Acrylic Chess Set

Christmas Countdown

Water Bottle

iPad Air Engraving

Kindle Engraving

Leather Bookmarks

Leather Journal

Fleece Jackets

Engraved Lamp Shade

Laser Cut Foam Letters

Custom Pint & Shot Glasses

Stemless Wine Glasses

Laser Etched Mug

Oil & Vinegar Bottles

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Metal Utensils

Stainless Steel Growlers

Engraved Silicon Mug

Customized End Tables

Customized Cutting Boards

Holiday Wreath

Baseball Mugs