Robotic Cladding System

Robotic Cladding System

The Laser Cladding Workcell is used to apply corrosion resistant low-friction or wear-resistant coatings, or used in the re-building of high-value mechanical components. High hardness and wear resistance of the cladding layer are achieved by choosing feed powder composition and process parameters. The system comprises a high-efficiency fiber laser with a process head, powder feed system and powder recovery/debris control module, integrated with robot. To maximize utilization of the fiber laser source, the robotic cladding system can support cutting or welding functions, with optional automated switching between the functions.

Robotic Cladding System

* Pictures:Courtesy of Laserline Gmbh*
Cartesian Cladding Systems
Cartesian Cladding Systems
CNC System retrofitted for Laser Repair Welding

■ LDF 4000-100, VG4L – 4KW diode laser

■ Macro Clad 45V2 (Irepa) Powder Nozzle

■ Used 4 Axis CNC System

Robot-Based Diode Laser Cladding System

■ Laser Power: 10kw

■ Nozzle: Fraunhofer Coax 11 widestream

■ Clad WIdth: > 22mm

■ Deposition Rate: >9kg / h

In Situ Shaft Repair

Laser cladding at a shipyard during preventative maintenance of tugboat

Downhole Drilling – Parts

■ WC/ Co + NiCrBSi on Steel

■ Only NiCrBSi matrix is molten

■ 50% ( typ 63%) volume content of coarse-grained carbides


■ Stabilize the drilling tool against the drill hole wall

■ “Wing” geometrics generate channels for removal of drill fluids.

■ Multi-directional cladding required.

Agricultural Parts

■ Cladded with carbide

■ Typically iron carbide, chrome carbide or tungsten carbide

■ Material depends on wear and cost requirements

Concrete Screw
Automotive Valves
Hydraulic Pump Cylinders

■ Direct deposition of bronze bearing material onto cylinders of hydraulic pumps

■ Brazing process: No molten base mateial

■ 6kW diode laser

■ 3.5mm X 8.5 mm rectangular flat top laser spot

■ 9.2kg /h cladding rate of CuSn

■ Rectangular spot enables consistent clad thickness and metallurg

Wear Protection for Aluminum Cylinder Layers


  • Power: 3kW to 6kW
  • Beam Quality: 200mm MRAD
  • Special Optics for ID access
  • Efficient Process
  • 1mm Alloying Depth
  • Homogeneous alloyed layer
  • Even distribution of primary silicon grain
  • Increase in hardness from 110 HV to 160 to 400 HV
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