Quality Dot-Peen Marking.

Flymarker Series

Markator is a leading producer of dot-peen marking systems. Based in Germany and founded in 1984, Markator is an expert in the durable and economic marking of industrial parts to help eliminate forgery.  The Flymarker line of products is a set of high-quality systems for dot peen marking, scribe marking, and conventional marking, with both portable battery-powered as well as tabletop marking options. 

Our Range of Flymarker Products

Handheld battery-operated Dot-Peen Marking System

Markator’s bestselling battery-operated hand-held marking system. With the FlyMarker mini 65/30, hand injuries caused by classic hand stamps can be eliminated. It has never been easier to create markings on almost all materials from plastic up to hardened steel (63HRC). The compact battery-operated hand marker convinces with its functionality and compact design as well as its unique price-performance ratio.  100% mobile, lightweight, and flexible, and guarantees fast, permanent, and tamper-proof marking on almost any surface!

Marking Area: 65x30mm

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85/45 Touch
Handheld battery-operated Dot-Peen Marking System

The battery-powered hand-held marking system FlyMarker mini 85/45 plus 4,3” convinces with its versatility, high functionality, robustness, and additional power. The stable guide system, its low weight of only 3.1 kg (incl. battery), and the optional marking field extension to 120 x 45 mm make the FlyMarker mini 85/45 plus 4,3” the perfect partner for almost any marking task.

Marking Area: 85x45mm, 120x45mm (extended)

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120/100 station
Benchtop Dot-Peen Marking System

The fully electrically operated benchtop marking system FlyMarker mini 120/100 STATION impresses with its simple handling: Set up. Plug in. Start marking!

The FlyMarker mini 120/100 STATION is equipped with a very user-friendly interface and has a large marking field of 120 x 100 mm. Due to its integrated control, the benchtop marking device as an all-in-one system is the ideal partner for your workshop. Its high-quality guide system gives it maximum stability and ensures high marking quality. The system is rounded up by its attractive price-performance ratio.

Marking Area: 120mmx100mm

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MV5 U85/45 Integral
Integral Dot-Peen Marking System

An integration of the marking system MV5 U85/45 INTEGRAL into a production line is easily possible. The space-saving and powerful marking system has an internally installed control unit and is electromagnetically driven. This eliminates the need for an external control unit and compressed air cabling.
The optional display is used for simplified and fast visualization of the programming directly on the device.
The marking system can be used independent of position and convinces by its reliability, especially in wear.

Marking Area: 85mm x 45mm

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