Femtosecond Laser

The Key Features

The femtosecond micromachining system is mainly composed of a femtosecond laser and a high-precision platform. It utilizes the ultrashort laser pulse properties to achieve an unprecedented degree of control in sculpting the desired microstructures internal to the materials without collateral damage to the surroundings. Using femtosecond rather than picosecond or nanosecond light pulses, laser energy is deposited into small volumes by multiphoton nonlinear optical absorption followed by avalanche ionization.

Technical Parameters


Laser Specification
Working Platform
Scanning System
Optics System
Laser : Coherent Monaco Femto-second Laser X-axis  move range 400mm hurrySCAN II  14 , NIR +green  digital with 14 mm aperture Lens tube of infinity  f=200
Wavelength : 1035±5 nm Y-ais moving range 300mm 2 x scanner and driver board Illumination method : Coaxial type
Output power : 40W Linear displacement accuracy ±3um dual coated mirrors for NIR +Green CCD camera with 2592X1944 pixel
Energy : 40uJ @1MHz Straightness: 1.5um tuning and SCANcheck burn-in test Industrial standard : compatible with RoHS
Pulse width : <350 fs Flatness: ±1.5um Repeatability <0.4µrad
Tuning range : <350fs to 10ps Bi-directional repeatability: 0.1um Digital encoder
Spatial Mode TEM00, M² <1.2 Resolution: 5nm Laser damaged threshold for Fs Laser 40W
Power stability : < 2% Feedback: Non-contact linear encoder NIR F-Theta  scan lens with FL 160 and scan
Repetition Rate : Single-shot to 1MHz,higher rep rates without AOM Pitch: 15 arc-sec range 100mmx100mm
Pulse picking:1 to 50 MHz standard Yaw: 15 arc-sec Green F-Theta scan lens with FL 175mm
Roll: 8 arc-sec
Max velocity: 500mm/s
Positioning accuracy <3um
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