Lidar, All-in-one.

Blickfeld: Lidar Sensors and
quality software, all in one package

IDI Laser is proud to be an official distributor of Blickfeld LiDAR products. Blickfeld offers users a series of high-quality and state-of-the-art LiDAR sensors in order to bring to you an array of LiDAR solutions for a variety of applications.

Blickfeld LiDAR components are compact and functional, able to be integrated into a variety of LiDAR solutions, and designed to be unintrusive and easily installed.

Coupled with an intuitive, powerful web interface, Blickfeld products are the ultimate integration of hardware and software, and can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Our Range of Blickfeld Products

Blickfeld Cube 1
Compact Solid-State LiDAR sensor

The Cube 1 is a fully integrated scanning LiDAR sensor in a small form factor. It comes with a point cloud interface and no additional adapter boxes are required for operation. Blickfeld’s patented MEMS-based LiDAR technology enables a field of view of 70° x 30° and a maximum detection range of 250 meters. The sensor’s field of view, number of scan lines, and frame rate can be flexibly configured via software, enabling a variety of application scenarios.

Spec Sheet
Blickfeld Cube Range 1
Long-Range, High-accuracy LiDAR Sensor

The Cube Range 1 is made for extra-long-distance detection and offers high-precision 3D measurements. It features an adaptable field-of-view, a unique scan pattern for versatile usage in various industries, all in a compact and lightweight package. No additional adapter boxes are required for operation and the point cloud interface ensures easy handling and configuration. The associated recognition software makes the Cube Range 1 a smart solution for numerous applications.

Spec Sheet