Cost-Effective Reliability.

Olei Multi-Purpose and cost-effective
LiDAR Solutions and Modules

The Olei series of LiDAR products offers users cost-effective, reliable 2D and 3D LiDAR sensing components and sensors in order to bring to you an array of LiDAR solutions for a variety of applications.

Olei LiDAR components are rugged and compact, able to be integrated into a variety of LiDAR solutions, including autonomous shuttles, robots, commercial and delivery vehicles, and industrial vehicles.

Our Range of Olei Products

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Olei Lr1BS Series
Multipurpose 2d LiDar System

LR-1BS series of 2D LiDAR Sensors are based on the proven 1B development platform and designed with a compact size and cost-effectiveness in mind. The 1BS series is suited for mobile robots and automatic guided vehicles (AGV) and can be applied to a variety of applications, including safe obstacle avoidance.

The LR-1BS series is suitable for application needs in different industries, such as robotics, security and surveillance, industrial automation, and smart logistics.

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Olei LR1b/1F Sensor Series
Compact 2D LiDAR sensor system

The LR-1B and 1F are 2D LiDAR sensors that deliver excellent performance in a compact package. Highly reliable, flexible, and cost-effective, it is able to be used in a variety of industrial applications as well as low-speed navigation.

The 1B/1F can be used for applications such as robots, security and surveillance, industrial automation, and logistics, amongst others. Users can select different versions based on the functional requirements of collision avoidance or navigation.

Like other sensors from OLEI, this LiDAR has undergone rigorous inspection and verification processes in a variety of professional calibration laboratories. OLEI strives to provide users with reliable, high-quality, rugged, and robust sensor products.

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Olei LR16-F
3d Solid state LiDAR

The LR-16F is a compact, multi-channel LiDAR developed by OLEI-Systems with proprietary technologies. The LR-16F has 360°(Horizontal) and ±15°(Vertical) scanning angles, and a 100m detection range.

It is primarily designed for a variety of industrial autonomous applications such as AGV, Automatic Forklifts, Patrol Robots, and Inspection Robots. It can also be used for other applications such as mobile mapping and 3D sensing applications.

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