Laser Grooving and Dicing

Laser Grooving and Dicing System

IDI Laser Services’ laser grooving and dicing system for semiconductors is a high-precision laser cutting system that is designed for the precise and efficient dicing of semiconductor materials. This machine utilizes a high-powered laser beam to cut semiconductor materials into small pieces with micron-level accuracy.

The laser grooving and dicing system is commonly used in the semiconductor industry for the manufacturing of semiconductor devices, such as microchips, MEMS devices, and photonic devices. The machine provides high-precision and high-quality cuts, with minimal material damage or heat-affected zones, which is crucial for the successful fabrication of semiconductor devices.

Technical Parameters
Ease of Use.

Our grooving and dicing machine is a fully automatic solution that is capable of handling substrates of a variety of sizes, which are used for semiconductor production in many cases.

We can also process and cut wafers into small dimensions, such as 1.0mm x 1.0mm.

Our system maintains optimal cutting precision by correcting highly warped molded products before cutting them, checking via machine vision for product misalignment caused during the forming process.

  • Full automatic equipment
  • Fully customisable
  • A wide variety of options enabling high quality and stable production
  • Enhance variations of offload product processing methods
  • Enable to cut small package
  • Capable of correcting product offset and optimising cut accuracy via integrated machine vision
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