3D Laser

The Key Features

Professional laser marker With advanced features: 3d marking, automatic focusing,3d scanning High quality with cost-effective Class1 level safety Patented appearance design and controller.

3 Axis Control

CK-FB3D 30W hs perfect ability engraving. This unique technology makes it possible to program complex shapes and save countless engineering hours during integration. This innovations are indispensable and allow for reliable consistency on every mark.

Technical Parameters
Ingenious Design

ABS + PC material, sealed mould design to prevent dust from entering in order to extend the life span of the machine. It
is a lightweight design, the weight of the machine is less than 50KG

Motion Control Design

It adopt precise linear guide drive with photoelectric sensor switch limit control, transmission,
more efficient, more compatible, stable abd durable

Auto Focus on centre

Exclusive research, focusing control cards and algorithms equipped with high-precision CMOS sensor
High-precision one button auto focus function can be achieved. With security, process reminder, quick use,
simple maintenance and so on

Power 20W, 30W, 50W, 60W, 100W, 120W
Frequency 1-400Khz
Wavelength 1064nm
Marking range 160mmx150mm (Optional)
Marking Mode X,Y,Z 3-Axis Dynamic Mode
Minimum Line Width 0.03mm
Marking Speed 8000 mm/sec
Dimension 599mm*554mm*752mm
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