PCB Marking

The Key Features

The features include checks for presence part and mark, fiducial alignment, laser marking/cutting, post mark check and feedback to MES systems. As well as Gerber retrieval of mark location from MES systems and pin location alignment for large area sequential marking. With the programmable servo driven X-Y stage allows for precision positioning over the entire PBC board. SMEMA ready for Input/Output stacker modules.

Technical Parameters

Mark 5 PCB Laser system is a conveyor feed, belt type loading / unloading of large and small PCB boards. It caters to boards up to 4.5mm and accepts board sizes to a maximum of 600mm by 415mm. Specifically designed for marking and thin cutting(de-panelling) of PCB boards. Laser options from CO2, Fiber, Green or UV and equipped with co-axial vision module for the most efficient and accurate spot placement, assures the repeatability for the best yield possible.

Software Features
  • Friendly HMI, fast programming, coordinates template editable with the imported information.
  • Positions automaticaly with the feature points on the PCB, and is able to recognize the PCB Positions
  • Download marks data automaticaly from the information system.
  • Checks the barcode after marking and feeds the information back.
  • Waste PCB recognition and avoids remarking Real time display of the marking results, and outputs the production statistical data.
  • SECS/ GEM capabilities
  • Seamless docking of MES System with SMT Production Line
Dimensions (mm) Length 1000 x Depth 1600 x Height 1500
Laser Type CO2 / Fiber / UV / Green
Laser Characteristics 0.015-0.2 mm spot size ; Vector speed 2000mm/sec;
Marking Field (mm) 70 x 70; 100 x 100; 160 x 160
Marking Software Alpha numerics, different fonts, logos, graphics etc
PCB Size (mm) L 650 x W 420 x Depth 0.5- 4.5 mm (max)
X-Y Table / Repeatability Servo Type / ±0.025mm
Board Transfer Conveyor with auto width adjust
Board Positioning Edge Referencing
Board Clamping Mech. Stopper with Servo controlled
Optional Camera, Fudicial board Referencing, Scanner Verifier
Fume Extraction Build in exhaust with filter (Std)
Controller Industrial PC
Operating Software Cyberlase operating and Management software
Facilities Requirement 200VAC 1 phase, 2000watts
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