Small Cutting Platform

Gizmocut Small Cutting Platform

Auto Height & Position Adjustments

The Gizmocut small cutting platform comes with auto height adjustments which control distance between cutting nozzle and work piece. Fine, detailed laser cutting work is achieved even if the sheet has waviness. Sheet position is ascertained and transmitted to controller; hence no repositioning of sheet is required. The cutting head is designed in such a way that it can be replaced easily and quickly to accommodate any thickness of metal sheet.

Technical Parameters
  • Fiber Laser Wavelength is an excellent absorption by any Metal compared to CO2 Laser.
  • Superior speed due to admirable absorption.
  • Wall plug efficiency of more than 30%, hence very low electrical consumption.
  • Comparing the same power, fiber laser is able to cut thicker sheet metal.
  • Fiber laser has a simplified laser source construction, setting up is faster and easier.
  • No bending mirror and delivery optics in Fiber Delivery System.
  • Min. maintenance and low operating cost.
  • Fiber has excellent beam quality M² < 2.
  • Supreme power stability even at high power usage.
  • Long Life of laser source
  • Small Footprint.
Laser Power 500w
Wavelength 1070nm
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Cutting Range 350mm X 600mm
Beam Quailty (M²) ≤2
Max Cutting Depth ≤2.0mm
Max Cutting Speed 10m/min (up to the thickness and material )
 Instability of input power <2%
Operation Mode Continuous
Control Method X-, Y- and Z- Axis controlled ( Three axis simultaneously controlled)
Travel Method Stationery Table, X, Y, Z-axis movement for cutting head
Positioning Speed ( Max.) X-axis — 10m/min
 Y-axis — 10m/min
 Repeatability +/- 0.05mm
Power Consumption 6KW
 Minimum Spot Diameter 0.03 – 0.25mm
Power requirement 220V / 50Hz / 30A
 Environment Temprature 10°C – 35°C
 Continuous Working Time 24 hours
Controlling System IPC
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