MARK V PCB Laser Marking Machine

IDI Laser’s Mark V In-Line PCB Laser Marking Machine comes with a conveyor for PCB/PCBA marking. It also comes as a standalone with board destacker and stacker with capability to mark PCB. With programmable servo driven X-Y tables it allows for precise, multiple laser firing positions over a wide area of the PCB. Both versions of the system incorporate the latest in laser hardware, optics and servo control software.

Technical Parameters
  • Laser Characteristics :0.2mm spot size ; Vector speed 2000mm/sec; Beam stability: ±5%
  • Variable and multiple jig and fixture set-up.
  • Board Positioning : Edge Referencing
  • Manual and automatic functions including: On/off; Start/stop; E-stop and auto reset etc.
  • Electrical and safety enclosures built to industrial standard.
  • PCB Size (mm): Lg 450 x W 320 x THK 2 (max)