Optics& Measurements
Brolight, Newport, and Dataray

Brolight, Dataray, and Newport

Laser Components

IDI Laser is an active distributor of a variety of laser components and optical measurement components from industry-leading brands such as Brolight, Dataray, and Newport.

Here at IDI Laser, we understand the importance of laser measurement components to optimise your laser product.  Therefore, our catalog offers a variety of products ranging from spectrum and power analysis tools to laser profiling tools, all tailored to meet your laser imaging needs.

Along with our suite of other laser products, IDI laser aims to offer a fully integrated solution for all your laser needs.

Diode Laser Spectrum and Power Test Apparatus

Model: BIX-8801  Brand: Brolight

The BIX-8801 diode laser spectrum and power test system includes an integrating sphere, power meter, and a spectrometer. The system is modular and mainly used for real-time measurement of diode laser’s power and spectrum.

Spectrum analysis apparatus

Model: BIX-8802  Brands: Brolight

The BIX-8802 is a spectrum analysis apparatus designed for physics, chemistry, biology, environment labs and scientific research in university and college. It also can be used for industrial spectrum testing. This apparatus can analyze emitting spectrum, transmission spectrum and reflection spectrum. It’s modular designed with simple structure and flexible configuration.

Beam Profilers

Model: Various  Brands: Dataray, Newport

IDI Laser is a distributor of DataRay Inc. and Newport laser beam profiling solutions, offering a variety of products ranging from laser beam profiling cameras to laser beam position sensing detectors, which can be integrated into a variety of laser products to suit a variety of laser measurement needs.