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LiDAR Solutions and Modules

Established in 2015, LeiShen Intelligent Systems, better known as LS LiDAR, is a producer of high-quality, cost-effective LiDAR components and solutions. As one of the leading providers of LiDAR solutions, LS LiDAR offers reliable, high-quality products to suit a variety of applications.

LS LiDAR’s extensive range of sensors, scanners, and components see use in autonomous vehicles, robotics, and a variety of other industries, and are designed to be able to suit any and all scanning needs you may have.

Our Range of LS LiDAR Products

360-degree 3d mechanical Lidar sensor system

LS LiDAR’s series of Multi-Line Mechanical LiDAR sensor packages include the C16. A reliable 360-degree high-speed mechanical LiDAR system, the C16 both has integrated transmitter and receiver modules. This ensures highly stable and reliable performance, as well as cost-effectiveness, which makes the C16 ideal for mass production.

The C16 sees applications in autonomous vehicles, ADAS, smart transportation, robotics, logistics, as well as surveying and mapping, amongst others.

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