UV/Green Laser

High Power UV laser marking machine adopt Imported high-quality UV laser source, high efficient Photoelectric conversion, output wavelength is 355nm, widely used in high-end ultra-fine laser processing market.

Technical Parameters
  • 500mmx500mm Linear motor motion stage
  • Vaccum plate working plate up to 500mmx500mm
  • Motion control system Laser processing head with scanner type & nozzle type
  • Application: Laser cutting,laser ablation and micromaching
Wavelength 355nm
Maximum Power 17W
Avg. Power @30kHz >17W@30kHz
Pulse Energy@30kHz 560uJ
Pulse Width (16 ~ 45) ns
PRF Range 30-150KHz
Beam Quality (M2) ~0.6mm
Divergency Angle <1.5mrad
Operational Temperature Range 15 to 35ºC
Operation Humidity Range 20 to 80 non-condensing%
Cooling Water