M5 Box Laser Marking Machine


IDI Laser is a supplier of the New Generation Smart Laser Marking Machine, M5-BOX “M5”. The M5, which stands for Max photonics, Mini, Multi-function Marking Machine, is a machine with its laser source and a computer integrated into one box. With a compact and flexible design, the M5 is able to operate fully in 360°, with a laser arm that can articulate both forwards and backward. The M5 uses a compact scanner with 2 red beams for easier focus, high marking speeds, and high quality.

Technical Parameters
Laser Power 19.5 ± 0.5
Wavelength 1064nm
Beam Quality m2 < 1.4
Frequency Range 20Khz- 50Khz
Marking Scope 100mmx100mm
Marking Speed 600 to 1000 Character/min
Min Width 0.02mm
Min Character 0.15
Repeatability Precision ± 0.002mm
Cooling Air cooling