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Laser,Optics& Measurements
Laser & Light Source: Optical Measuring Equipment: Optical Components & Light Machinery: Precision Positioning & Optical Table
Laser & Light Source

A&P instrument is the agent of several famous occident optical brand, which include Synrad, Laserline, CEO, Daylight, Intense, new focus, etc. The products are mainly lasers, laser modules, DPSS laser …

Optical Measuring Equipment

A&P instrument is providing a series of light measurement products, which brand include Newport, International Light, Dataray, Phaseview, Gigahertz Optik, Labsphere, etc. the products are mainly power…

Optical Components & Light Machinery

A&P instrument is the agent of Newport, Newfocus, LINOS, Fisba, etc. The products include all kinds of optical mirrors, spherical & aspherical lenses, beam splitter, waveplates & polarizers, beam expa…