Laser Optics & Measurement Components
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Laser Optics and Measurement tools,

for all your needs.

IDI Laser has partnered with A&P instruments, a leading distributor of laser optics and measurement tools, to bring you laser optics and components that integrate seamlessly into your laser machines to match all your needs.

Laser Parts & Light Sources

IDI Laser is a distributor of A&P instruments in the region. A&P Instruments is the agent of several famous laser optics brands, which include Synrad, Laserline, CEO, Daylight, Intense, new focus, etc. The products are mainly lasers, laser modules, DPSS laser, and others.

Optical Measuring Equipment

IDI Laser is a distributor of A&P instruments in the region. A&P offers a series of light measurement products, with brands including Newport, International Light, Dataray, Phaseview, Gigahertz Optik, Labsphere, etc. under their umbrella. Their products include a variety of powered lasers to meet your laser optic needs.

Laser Optical Components & Light Machinery

IDI Laser has partnered with A&P instruments to distribute brands such as Newport, Newfocus, LINOS, Fisba, etc. in the region. The products from these brands include all kinds of optical mirrors, spherical & aspherical lenses, beam splitter, waveplates & polarizers, and other components for your laser needs.