Automotive-Grade LiDAR.

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Founded in 2016, Innovusion has core R&D teams in Silicon Valley, USA, and Suzhou & Shanghai, China. Innovusion’s products are a market leader in the autonomous driving industry, with their products are also widely used in the field of smart transportation (city and highway), rail transit, and industrial automation.

Innovusion’s LiDAR products are automotive-grade. Leveraging advanced technologies and controllable costs, Innovusion products boast reliability and ease of function/use.

Our Range of Innovusion LiDAR Products

Innovusion Falcon
Industry-leading Automotive Grade LiDAR Sensor

Innovusion’s market-leading automotive grade sensor, the Falcon is a powerful LiDAR sensing package that delivers quality performance in a highly compact package. The bionic design of the Falcon enables the simultaneous collection of the full field of view and high-resolution data. It can see as far as 500 meters away, enabling better visibility and improved safety in complex road conditions. An overall reliable and rugged package, the Falcon was been chosen as the standard configuration for the NIO ET7 sedan which began delivery in March 2022, showcasing robust real-work applicability.

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