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SC/SD Series

SC/SD is a brand-new mixing cutting machinewhich can cut thin metal, acrylic, wood and other nonmetals. With lowinvestment, low running cost, low maintenance, the machine is the mosteconomical and cost-effective mixing metal and nonmetal laser cutting machinein the market!

The electricity cost is 3 to4KW/ hour. The Chinese tube as the only spare part has the lifetime about 9month to 12 month with a low purchasing cost! SC/SD high quality configuration: Here areindustrial standard configuration including fixed beam optical laser system,cutting following system, Mitsubishi servo system, imported ball screw,water-cooling system, exhaust-air system, off-computer system so as toguarantee high precision and reliability meanwhile make the machine morecost-effective!

SD/SD Technical Specifications

Model 100SC, 150SC/SD, 200SC/SD, 260SC/SD
Power 100W, 150W, 200W, 260W
Working Area SC/1250mmX2500mm ,SD/1500mmX3000mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Positioning Speed 20m/min
Weight 1000kg
Power Supply 220V±10%/20A