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Torch Series Laser Welding Machine

Torch – Laser Welding System offers a large working area with a single door for multiple focus head configuration, as well as any tooling equipment required in a production. It is designed and manufactured by IDI for spot or seam welding. Torch has a very high production output, it is made possible with high speed X-Y and duo-head. IDI offers the most complete solution to the most demanding applications, with turnkey and customized workstation underpinned by a team of experienced laser and systems applications engineers to provide innovative welding solutions.

Technical Specifications

Output Power 30 W,50 W,120 W
Wavelength (nm) 1064
Average Power > 30W, 50W, 120W
Absolute Max Power 30W (@20Hz),50W (@20Hz),120 (@20Hz)
Max Peak Power > 4kW (@1msec),> 6kW (@1msec),> 3.7kW (@1msec)
Max Pulse Energy > 50J (@15msec), > 80J (@15msec), > 100J (@15msec)
Pulse Width 0.2~20 msec
Cooling Water
Pulse Frequency (kHz) 1~20 kHz
Operating Voltage, DC 220 VAC, 50~60 Hz