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Plastic Welding System

Laser welding of thermoplastic parts complements with traditional welding methods such as ultrasonic, vibration or heat elements. In the areas of low and medium power levels this is called beam-transmission welding process e.g. permanently sealed welding sensors or casings from the automotive supplier industry. Furthermore additional applications have evolved where the laser the material plasticized in the joining zone immediately prior to the pressing together. This method is for example in the wood-working industry for edgebanding of furniture parts or for the processing of fiber-reinforced plastic straps (tape) used in various industrial sectors.

Welding of plastics with diode lasers

Due to the high local energy input the plastic is warming up very fast without damaging the material, resulting in a homogeneous melt without creating fluff.

* Pictures:Courtesy of Laserline Gmbh*

  • Actuators, sensors and housings in the automotive industry
  • Water filters, medical products
  • Tape placement in the carbody and aircraft manufacturing
  • Plastic mesh to protect against erosion in civil engineering
  • Tape wrapping for pressure vessels, seals, pipes
  • Laserwelding of edgeband at the narrow side of furniture parts