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Diode Laser Case Hardening System

Diode lasers reliably and selectively harden or heat treat machine components, tools, accessories, and other parts against wear. Closed-loop temperature control allows each material to reach the highest hardeness value possible. Laser heat treatment can also be used to prepare high strength materials for the forming process by the localized reduction of strength of sheet metals.

Laser hardening is one of the modern and time effective processes of surface treatment. The main advantage of laser hardening is velocity of hardening process. To harden the workpiece, the laser beam warms outer layer to just under the melting temperature, once the desired temperature is reached, the laser beam starts moving. Laser continuously warms the surface in the direction of advance. As soon as the laser beam moves away, the hot layer is cooled very rapidly by the surrounding material in process known as self-quenching.

* Pictures:Courtesy of Laserline Gmbh*

  • Hardening of a car door springs
  • Hardening of gear racks
  • Hardening of metal springs
  • Hardening of valves, gears and additional metal parts
  • Hardening of cutting tools
  • Hardening of cutting surfaces and side cutters