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CK-LEG series

CK-LEG series of non-metallic laser marker is controlled by the computer, which applies 10.64um laser beam to act on the surface as the predetermined trajectory through beam expansion, focusing and finally controlling the deflection of galvanometer to gasify the surface and achieve engraving effects.

Our CK-LEG Seriesseries of non-metallic laser marker is characterized by good beam pattern, stable-performance system and maintenance-free. It is appropriate to be used in industrial processing sites with high-volume, multi-variety, high-speed and high-precision continuous production.

CK-LEG Technical Specifications

Parameters CK-LEG
Average power 3000W
Laser wavelength 10640nm
Laser grade Grade 4
Pulse power 0-100KHZ
Marking Framework 350mm×350mm
Operating System Windws XP, Win 7
Storage Device Hard drives, CD-ROM
Input power 220V or 380V
Maximum power consumption 4500W
Cooling Constant-temperature cooling unit
Running environment Temperature 15oC -30oC;
Humidity 30-80%
Net weight About 300KG
Dimension 160cmX60cmX154cm
Cooling system 60cmX50cmX90cm